Am I going to be a bad vet?

I am a second year vet student and my pet pig just died. I don’t expect myself to have been able to save her or even know what was wrong, but I don’t think I did enough anyway. I only called our vet once and then took his suggestion to let her wait the symptoms out. Three days later and she’s dead. I’m heart broken, I let her down. If I couldn’t even care for her well enough, how could I possibly be a good vet? Vet school is hard enough, but going through it knowing that no matter how well I do academically (which isn’t going too well either, to be honest), I’ll never be good enough, that might be too much for me.


  • Anonymous says:

    I sorry to hear about your pet. In second year, you won’t have any experience at all of assessing how serious an illness is so getting advice from a vet is the only thing you can do. Also, vet school is hard, so if you aren’t top of your class don’t beat yourself up about it. I have been a qualified vet for several years now, but when I was a new vet student I thought that with training I would know what to do in all situations when an animal is ill. Of course that was incredibly naive and in reality there are many situations when you are working as a vet (even with lots of experience) when you aren’t sure what the right course of action is. Nobody can know everything about veterinary medicine, there’s just too much to know. There will always be patients where you wish you had done things differently in hindsight, but there will be others that you save because you did the right thing. That’s the nature of the job and it can be stressful and upsetting. Only you can decide if that is something you can cope with on a daily basis.

  • zzz says:

    We have all been there! And more than anything you can learn from this. Owning animals and the husbandry can be one of the biggest assets to your veterinary tool box. The amount of vet students that I know that had pets die from simple things, or accidental pregnancies of their dogs/cats is too numerous to count! So don’t let this one thing discourage you, use it to add to your box of tricks 🙂

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