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A Fond Farewell.

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Hello everyone,

We have loved providing this site for veterinary professionals to submit and comment on secrets from all over the world.

All past submissions and comments will be archived on this site, and we will not be updating it in the future.

We still want to know your stories, though. We want to know the ebbs and flows of your lives – both in and out of work. Whether you want to write an essay, or just share a thought. Anonymously or not. We’re still here for you. See you at The Riptide Project?


Thank you everyone.


Chloe, Hui Min, and Vicki

Handling practices

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I feel unhappy with handling practices across the profession. Even when you have vets and nurses interested in behaviour and denouncing Caesar Milan alpha dog theories you often see them through the back forcibly restraining and shouting at a terrified dog so that he “dosent think he can get away with it”. Even if one or two of you want to follow Fear Free practices it’s like swimming against a tide. Then reading the recent RCVS case where a vet repeatedly hit and mishandled animals with no consequence confirms this isn’t a priority for the profession.

Returning to work

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I’m just about to return to work after maternity leave and I’m dreading it. I’ve always loved my job and I know I am a good vet. However over the last year before I left (since the practice was bought by a corporate company) things became increasingly stressful and my longterm colleague who had become clinical director was not coping or managing well. Now whenever I see anyone from work it is all moans, complaints and speculation who might resign – not the happy team that once was. I’m making myself feel ill stressing about how horrible it will be to return plus all the normal worries of how my baby will cope with the separation and lack of breast feeding. I feel stuck and I am scared the stress will make me a bad vet when I do return.


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It’s so hard to know when to become the whistleblower. There has been two incidences with different vets in the last 5 years at my work I have been uncomfortable with. Once one of my colleagues (RVN) caused the death of a cat when she forgot to turn the oxygen back on after turning it over. The cat crashed and couldnt be saved. The cat had a mass and in stead of telling the owner what happened the vet advised it be “put to sleep on the table”. The other incidentify was a cruciate operation – the vet cut into the wrong leg and only realised when they saw the intact cruciate and read the notes and saw it was the other leg. They went ahead and did the surgery and told the owner they “checked the other leg was ok for free”. Both times the head vet knew and was happy with the cover ups when I raised that I was unhappy. No harm was really done in either case so maybe I am too sensitive.

Being “the horsey vet”

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I have been lucky enough to work in several true mixed practices since graduation. But I’m starting to lose faith in the validity of mixed practice – especially for our horse clients. I do almost all the horse work in my practice and my colleagues either outright hate or at least aren’t interested in horses. It is so frustrating to have months or sometimes years of hard work building up trust with an owner only for a colleague to do something stupid (either clinically or just be rude) when I’m on holiday or out of hours. I would miss horse work so much but I don’t know if I’m doing the best thing for my patents keeping it going. I don’t understand why my colleagues make such basic mistakes or behave much more rudely than they would with small animal clients. We have regular clinical governance going over cases but it doesn’t help.