I was studying to be a vet tech but became very depressed and had anxiety issues pretty much right from first year now that I think about it. By second year I overdosed and nearly killed myself. Somehow I managed to pass exams and got into third year but I hated it. I hated life, myself, my degree. It was so bad I couldn’t even bring myself to leave my room if there were people home. After another overdose I finally decided to call it quits and I moved home. Now I am doing another degree just so it wasn’t all a waste. But sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake in leaving. Maybe I should have gone back. Or should still go back. I don’t know if I made the right decision…


  • Anonymous says:

    How long is your degree? If you just have one year left, and you want to work with animals and can seriously see yourself in any position as a vet tech, I’d stick it out and finish it! Of course while getting constant help so you dont reach rock bottom again. But seriously, no degree/passion/job is worth your life. Please please stay strong and dont give up.

  • zzz says:

    I would say that is sounds like you made the right choice! You recognised the stress, and have more importantly come out with something positive, being back with your family, and still working towards another degree. You will still be able to make a difference, I’m sure of it!

  • Anonymous says:

    How long is your degree? If you only have third year to go- going back and finishing may be worth it if you are having regrets. But of course only if you have ongoing help and try to keep yourself healthy and happy- no degree or job or passion is worth your life. But you said you’ve hated the degree- so maybe its simply not for you and you’ve made the right choice which is brave! At the end of the day youre the only one who knows how you feel and can make that decision!

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